Employee Profile: Tony Frego

Meet Tony Frego, a mission manager at Spaceflight! Q: Describe what you do for Spaceflight. A: I’m a mission manager. I work with customers to guide them through all the launch vehicle, mission, and regulatory requirements so their spacecraft can legally and physically make it to space. Q: What interests you about space? A: The possibility for the existence of life on another planet and thinking about how the discovery would change the pers

Employee Profile: Valerie Skarupa

Meet Valerie Skarupa, Director of Government Business.  Q: What do you do for Spaceflight? A: I am the Director of Government Business for Spaceflight launch services. I provide the Department of Defense, NASA, and other Government Agencies with launch opportunities for small satellites. Q: What interests you about space? A: Everything! I am an Army Brat and spent a lot of time in the Washington, DC area as a child. The Air and Space Museu