Spaceflight Systems is a small responsive integrator developing enabling systems for the emerging commercial space industry. Spaceflight is developing the Spaceflight Secondary Payload System (SSPS), a secondary payload system and the SHERPA in-space tug for Spaceflight Inc. In addition Spaceflight has a range of spacecraft and launch system development efforts including microsatellites such as SCOUT and the Small Agile Tactical Spacecraft for the US Army SMDC, and the Reusable Booster System Pathfinder vehicle for the USAF.


High performance CubeSat and NanoSat bus for broad range of missions

  • Flexible and scalable design
  • High performance Attitude Determination and Control System
  • Radiation tolerant architecture
  • 3 year on-orbit life

The most advanced bus developed to date is our SENTRY 4000, which is also the platform for our SCOUT spacecraft.

SCOUT Satellite

SCOUT is a visible imaging microsatellite capable of 1.0 meter visible imagery

  • nominal cross section 40 x 46 cm x 84 cm in the stowed launch configuration
  • approximately 50 kg wet mass depending on customer configuration
  • launch compatible with either vertical or cantilever orientation as a secondary payload on a variety of launch vehicle platforms

SCOUT is based on the Andrews SENTRY 4000 satellite bus. Alternate imaging payloads available.


SHERPA can accommodate a variety of small satellites from CubeSats up to ESPA class and beyond. The use of standard separation system interfaces and containerized dispensers reduce launch procurement and integration time to a matter of months.

  • Custom 42” tall ESPA Grande ring with 5 24” ports
  • Radial Port Adapters, Dual Port Adapters and Quad Pack Adapters enable mission flexibility for containerized payloads and separated payloads
  • Launch opportunities for CubeSats up to ESPA class spacecraft, and hosted payloads


Our systems comprise a combination of products and components that we also offer for commercial sale.

  • Avionics
  • Torque Rods
  • Star Trackers
  • Solar Panels & Batteries
  • Dispensers

Subsystems are offered as commercial-off-the-shelf hardware with standard documentation and acceptance testing in accordance with Spaceflight practices and procedures.