Spaceflight is a small responsive integrator developing enabling systems for the emerging commercial space industry. Spaceflight produces SHERPA, a custom ESPA Grande ring outfit with custom payload adapters and dispenser systems, designed for manifesting multiple secondary payloads and hosting secondary payloads. SHERPA enables more access to space for small spacecraft and hosted payloads through launch services arranged by Spaceflight.

SHERPA operates in one of three modes:

  • 1. as a non-propulsive free-flyer spacecraft, functioning independently of the launch vehicle and dispensing payloads a pre-determined time after launch vehicle separation
  • 2. as a propulsive free-flyer spacecraft, hosted payload platform, separating from the launch vehicle and operating as a spacecraft bus under its own power, propulsion and attitude control for several years
  • 3. as a non-separating payload adapter dispensing payloads while connected to the launch vehicle

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Standard Separation Systems and Dispensers

We accommodate the following payload separation systems on SHERPA as a standard using our custom payload adapter plates.

Planetary Systems Corporation Motorized Lightband – 11.732”, 15” and 24”
Innovative Solutions in Space – QuadPack
Other payload separation systems can be accommodated upon request.