Spaceflight Industries (Spaceflight), is a next-generation space products and services company that is transforming how satellites are built, launched and operated. No matter where you are in your mission planning timeline we can help.


How it works

1 Find a launch

Our published mission manifest is full of opportunities to a variety of altitudes and inclinations, both domestic and foreign. If you don’t see your ideal destination, we can work with you to identify alternative launch solutions using propulsive means or other custom mission arrangements.

2 Identify any hardware needs

If you need hardware to build your spacecraft or require custom launch adapter solutions, we have commercially available products and components and skilled design engineers ready to help you meet your mission requirements.

3 Select a data plan and radio

Satellite data plans should be as simple as your cell phone plan. We’ve done the work for you and offer a list of radios in a variety of bands that are compatible with our ground network out of the box. We publish our pricing for compatible radios and our data plans to simplify space-to-ground communication.

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