Spaceflight strives to simplify access to space by offering end-to-end solutions with published commercial pricing. If you’re interested in learning more, please read more below or contact us.

  • 1. What is Spaceflight Industries?

    Spaceflight Industries (Spaceflight) is a next-generation, integrated space products and services company that is changing the model for how satellites are built, launched and operated to transform the use of space and enable persistent global awareness. Through its subsidiaries and service lines, including Spaceflight Systems, Spaceflight Services and Spaceflight Networks, Spaceflight is at the forefront of companies democratizing space by creating and opening new markets through innovation.

    By streamlining and simplifying the process for developing, launching and operating small satellites, Spaceflight aims to enable new applications through the commercialization of space. The company serves as a one-stop shop for small-satellite products and services to make access to space more integrated, cost-effective and efficient.

  • 2. What services do Spaceflight Industries and its subsidiaries offer?

    Through its subsidiaries, Spaceflight Industries offers comprehensive, streamlined and cost-effective small-satellite products and services, including development, launch, communications and operations. The integrated suite of services and products offered through Spaceflight minimizes the barriers to entry for emerging technology companies to access and utilize space.

    Spaceflight Systems (formerly Andrews Space) is a cost-effective integrator of aerospace systems and developer and manufacturer of advanced space technologies. The company develops affordable, high-performance, commercial satellite components and spacecraft, with technical capabilities including product and system development, space system design, rapid prototyping, propulsion system design, systems engineering and business analysis.

    Spaceflight Services, the “space logistics company,” offers commercial “rideshare” launch and mission-management services that make space accessible for more people and organizations, even non-traditional aerospace companies. The company acts as a full-service provider of frequent, routine access to space for deployed and hosted payloads, specializing in the launch of CubeSats, NanoSats and MicroSats. It arranges launch logistics and integrates customers’ payloads into the excess capacity of existing launch vehicles worldwide. Spaceflight Services has launched 77 satellites to date, and has more than 108 spacecraft under contract for launches scheduled through 2017.

    Spaceflight Networks provides cost-effective communications and operations for small satellites and small-satellite constellations. Through a dedicated network operations center, it operates a global network of ground stations to bring a convenient, turnkey solution for spacecraft communications that fundamentally changes satellite operators. Similar to a cell phone plan, customers can select a radio, then sign up for communications packages and a data plan to easily connect with their satellites from anywhere on the planet. A wide selection of radios in a variety of form factors and communications bands are prequalified and tested with the network to ensure compatibility. Customers buy the radios directly from the radio OEM and can be assured it will work with Spaceflight Networks. Data plans range from leasing a dedicated antenna for 24/7 communication needs, or “ad hoc” antenna access for communications on an as-needed basis.

  • 3. When was Spaceflight Industries founded?

    Spaceflight Systems (formerly Andrews Space) was founded in 1999 by Jason Andrews. Andrews then founded Spaceflight Services in 2010. In 2014, Spaceflight expanded its services to include Spaceflight Networks. All of these companies and service lines were integrated under a single corporate entity, Spaceflight Industries, in 2015 to form a consolidated space products and services corporation.

  • 4. What is the mission of Spaceflight Industries?

    Spaceflight Industries’ mission is to be a catalyst in the commercialization, exploration and development of space by providing innovative service and space hardware solutions. Spaceflight is a leader in enabling a small-satellite revolution that is disrupting the traditional space industry. Spaceflight’s hardware and service solutions will transform our understanding of Earth and allow humanity to expand across the solar system.

  • 5. What is the corporate structure of Spaceflight Industries?

    Spaceflight Industries is the parent company of three well-established Seattle-area aerospace and space logistics companies and service lines: Spaceflight Systems, Spaceflight Launch and Spaceflight Networks. These businesses have now been integrated under the Spaceflight brand to form a consolidated space products and services corporation focused on enabling new applications through the democratization and commercialization of space.

  • 6. Why the rebranding? Why did the company choose to consolidate three businesses under a parent company?

    Spaceflight Industries was formed in 2015 to create a consolidated space products and services corporation leveraging the product lines and service offerings of Spaceflight Systems, Spaceflight Services and Spaceflight Networks. This creates a convenient, end-to-end provider of small-satellite products and services, which simplifies mission planning for customers who may need a combination of products and services and want to interface with a minimal number of vendors and providers.

  • 7. Who is on Spaceflight Industries’ executive team?

    Spaceflight is led by CEO and Founder Jason Andrews. The executive team also includes Spaceflight Systems President Marian Joh, who co-founded Spaceflight Systems (as Andrews Space) with Andrews in 1999; Spaceflight Services President Curt Blake, who formerly served as Spaceflight’s senior vice president and general counsel; Chief Financial Officer Tom Neary; and Chief Technology Officer Peter Wegner.

    Biographies of the executive team can be found on the company website.

  • 8. What is Spaceflight Industries’ role within the commercialization of space?

    Spaceflight is a leader in enabling a small-satellite revolution that is disrupting the traditional space industry. Spaceflight’s spacecraft hardware, launch services and communication services have reduced the cost of building, launching and operating a satellite by one or two orders of magnitude. This allows its customers to deploy cost-effective constellations that are enabling new business models and an unprecedented level of persistent global awareness. Spaceflight’s long-term objective is to extend this revolution to larger spacecraft and transportation systems, ultimately allowing humans to expand across the solar system.

  • 9. Who are Spaceflight Industries’ customers?

    Spaceflight’s customers include traditional and non-traditional users of space such as the U.S. and foreign governments, space agencies, large defense contractors, startups, universities, individuals, non-profits, and research institutions. Additional information about Spaceflight’s work with its customers can be found on its website.

  • 10. How is the company funded?

    Spaceflight Industries and its subsidiaries were established and grown organically. To accelerate its growth, Spaceflight recently raised $21 million in a Series B funding round co-led by RRE Venture Capital and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, with additional investment from Razor’s Edge Ventures. This brings Spaceflight’s total financing to $28.5 million, with existing investors including Chugach Alaska Corp. and Apogee. The funding supports the expansion of Spaceflight’s subsidiaries and service lines: Spaceflight Systems, Spaceflight Services and Spaceflight Networks.

  • 11. Who are Spaceflight Industries’ board members?

    Spaceflight Industries has seven board members, including:

    1. Jason Andrews – Chairman of the Board and CEO of Spaceflight Industries
    2. Marian Joh – Board Member, President of Spaceflight Systems
    3. Curt Blake – Board Member, President of Spaceflight Services
    4. Gabe Kompkoff – Board Member, CEO of Chugach Alaska Corporation
    5. Will Porteous – Board Member, Partner at RRE Ventures
    6. Charles Beames – Board Member, President of Vulcan Aerospace
    7. Richard Fade – Board Member, Partner at Ignition Capital

  • 12. How many people work for Spaceflight Industries?

    Spaceflight currently has approximately 80 employees and is growing rapidly. With its current momentum, the company plans to more than double the size of its workforce by the end of 2016 to expand operations, and is especially seeking engineering and software talent.