How it works


We Find You a Launch

Spaceflight works with nearly every launch vehicle provider on the planet, with capabilities to launch everything from a CubeSat to a 2000 kilogram micro-satellite. As easy as reading a train schedule, Spaceflight provides launch opportunities to numerous orbit destinations, getting you up and operational on time, and on budget.


We Manage Your Mission

With over 60 years of collective experience, Spaceflight provides experienced mission managers that guide you through the launch campaign. New to ITAR? We got you covered. Help with Range Safety? Covered. ICD Development? Standard.

Spaceflight makes sure nothing falls through the cracks from Mission kick-off through spacecraft deployment. We let you spend more time on the spacecraft and less time worrying about launch.


We Integrate Your Payload

Each launch vehicle is different, but we have the expertise and experience to ensure all bases are covered. Our commercial firm fixed pricing for launch and integration services includes all flight hardware support equipment to successfully integrate, launch, and deploy your spacecraft on orbit.

For more detailed information on our mission management, hardware, and launch services, please visit our Spaceflight Payload User’s Guide or checkout our Mission Resources.

Past Launches

Customer Launch Provider Vehicle Size Payload # Sats Launch Date
Planet Labs Roscosmos Soyuz 3U Dove 2 1 4/19/2013
Planet Labs Orbital Sciences Antares 3U Dove 1 1 4/21/2013
NASA Ames Orbital Sciences Antares 1U (3x) PhoneSats 3 4/21/2013
Planet Labs ISC Kosmostras Dnepr 3U Dove 3 1 11/21/2013
University of Peru NanoRacks Cygnus/ISS 1U UAPSat-1 1 1/9/2014
Southern Stars NanoRacks Cygnus/ISS 1U SkyCube 1 1/9/2014
Planet Labs NanoRacks Cygnus/ISS 3U (28x) Flock 1 28 1/9/2014
Planet Labs NanoRacks Cygnus/ISS 3U (28x) Flock 1B 28 5/9/2014
MIT LL NanoRacks Cygnus/ISS 3U MicroMAS 1 5/9/2014
Dnepr ISC Kosmostras Dnepr 3U Flock 1C 11 6/15/2014
Planetary Resources NanoRacks Dragon/Falcon 9 3U Arkyd3 1 4/14/2015
Total: 77