Spaceflight Purchases an Electron Rocket from Rocket Lab for More Frequent, Affordable Rideshare to Space

Purchase reflects an increasing demand for mid-inclination orbits from small satellite industry SEATTLE - May 17, 2017 -- Spaceflight, the company reinventing the model for launching small satellites into space, today announced the purchase of a Rocket Lab Electron rocket to increase the frequency of its dedicated rideshare missions. The Electron is an ideal launch vehicle for dedicated and rideshare missions, especially those serving difficult-to-come-

Employee Profile: Tony Frego

Meet Tony Frego, a mission manager at Spaceflight! Q: Describe what you do for Spaceflight. A: I’m a mission manager. I work with customers to guide them through all the launch vehicle, mission, and regulatory requirements so their spacecraft can legally and physically make it to space. Q: What interests you about space? A: The possibility for the existence of life on another planet and thinking about how the discovery would change the pers

Spacecraft Recontact Simulations

As we get closer to our SSO-A dedicated rideshare mission aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9, our preparations have moved into high gear. We’ve got an amazing team getting ready to deploy close to 90 satellites in the same orbit. To ensure a flawless mission, we’ve brought in experts from outside who are excited to be part of the mission. As part of our preparations, Dr. Vivek Nagabhushan, Spaceflight’s Group Lead of Spacecraft Dynamics and Control, reached o...

A Message from Spaceflight President Curt Blake on the FormoSat-5/SHERPA launch

One of our biggest, and most valued, differentiators in the market is that Spaceflight is dedicated to providing our customers an array of launch options to meet their deployment needs. Never has this come into play more than it did these last several weeks. Here’s the challenge: Getting to space is hard. All launch vehicles experience delays and failures – and this pain is felt by the entire launch industry – no one is spared. On the flipside, when lau...

SSO-A Update!

We are well underway in preparations for our Dedicated Rideshare launch on a Falcon 9 (SSO-A). Right now, our first milestones have been met and everything is running according to schedule. Our engineers are completing dry runs on our integration activities, using our detailed mockups. We’ve done our first actuations of the system and have successfully operated the separation system with our avionics. The ESPA ring has arrived, and we will have a full e...

Employee Profile: Valerie Skarupa

Meet Valerie Skarupa, Director of Government Business.  Q: What do you do for Spaceflight? A: I am the Director of Government Business for Spaceflight launch services. I provide the Department of Defense, NASA, and other Government Agencies with launch opportunities for small satellites. Q: What interests you about space? A: Everything! I am an Army Brat and spent a lot of time in the Washington, DC area as a child. The Air and Space Museu

Spaceflight’s First Launch of 2017!

Final preparations are underway at the Satish Dhawan Space Center in India for the launch of a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) carrying nine cubesats courtesy of Spaceflight Industries.  This mission features two of our customers; Spire Global with eight LEMUR spacecraft, and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) with the BGUSat cubesat for Ben Gurion University in Beer-Sheva, Israel. This is Spaceflight’s second PSLV mission on behalf of Spire, a

Space Law: The Outer Space Treaty Turns 50!

OK, so it’s officially called the Principles Governing the Activities of States in Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, but everyone knows it as the Outer Space Treaty. It was signed on January 27, 1967 and as of January 2017, 105 countries are parties to the treaty. The Outer Space Treaty sets forth the basic framework of Space Law which is still used today. The original intent was nonarmament in the Co...

Employee profile: Melissa Wuerl

Meet Melissa Wuerl, Director of Business Development for Spaceflight.  Q: What do you do for Spaceflight? A: I develop business relationships with customers all around the world and help them to identify launch opportunities and manifest their spacecraft. My primary function is to secure new business for Spaceflight and grow our long-term customer base. I’ve been with the company just under 5 years, originally starting at Andrews Space as a Direc

A Visit from Rep. Adam Smith

Spaceflight Industries had a special guest this week in our Seattle office - Rep. Adam Smith from Washington's 9th District. Besides representing his community's interests in Washington, Rep. Smith is the senior Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee. He has served in the House of Representatives for over 20 years and is a very strong advocate for both Seattle and small companies in the defense and aerospace sectors. Our CEO Jason Andrews di