The Hidden Costs of Launching a Satellite – What You Need to Know

Launching a satellite is not an easy endeavor - it IS rocket science after all. And while few are surprised to learn launch is not an inexpensive effort, there are still many hidden costs to getting a satellite into space that are often overlooked initially. At Spaceflight, we are the experts in getting you to space as efficiently as possible.  With the deep experience gained from years of managing launches, we educate our customers about some of the h...

Model Preparation for SSO-A

We’ve got a new arrival in our production facility - an engineering model of one of the major structural adapters on the SSO-A stack, the CubeStack. The CubeStack, designed by LoadPath, an Albuquerque firm, acts as the core of our SHERPA vehicle on SSO-A – accommodating both our avionics and CubeSat dispenser systems. Our engineers will use the model to practice the integration of our dedicated rideshare mission’s integrated payload stack. Unlike th

Employee Profile: Adam Hadaller

Meet Adam Hadaller, Mission Director for Spaceflight.  Q: Describe what you do for Spaceflight. A: I’m ultimately responsible for all aspects of my assigned launch mission from preliminary mission planning to putting hardware on the launch vehicle for flight, through the launch providing on-orbit support and coordination. Throughout all phases of the mission, I work with our customers, launch providers, and vendors to ensure all hardware is on ti

Terra Bella and Spaceflight Industries Sign Agreement for Falcon 9 Launch for Small Imaging Satellites

Spaceflight’s 2017 SSO-A dedicated rideshare mission at near capacity with spacecraft from 10 countries   SEATTLE, Oct. 11, 2016 -  Spaceflight Industries, a next-generation space company enabling access to space and redefining global intelligence, announced today that Terra Bella has signed an agreement with its launch services entity, Spaceflight, for a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch of Terra Bella SkySats. Terra Bella will be the co-lead on Spaceflight’s SS

Customer Service in NewSpace

The new commercial space industry brings new challenges along with timeless ones faced by many businesses; in particular, providing extraordinary value and personalized customer service to customers. In the NewSpace industry, there is no such thing as a typical customer. They cover the spectrum from government agencies to small startups to large established corporations. No matter who they are, they have one thing in common: the need to get to space. At...