Spaceflight Industries Celebrates Successful Launch of the BlackSky Pathfinder Satellite Aboard India’s PSLV

Pathfinder-1 paves the way for BlackSky’s 60-satellite constellation to deliver high-resolution, affordable satellite imaging SEATTLE - Sept. 26, 2016 – Spaceflight Industries, a next-generation space company enabling access to space and redefining global intelligence, announced the successful launch of its BlackSky Pathfinder-1 satellite into a sun synchronous orbit from India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). From Satish Dhawan Space Center in

Of Coconuts and Rockets

There are many steps involved in getting a spacecraft ready for launch. But when launching from India on the PSLV, there is one extra step: the coconut ceremony. Breaking a coconut has much significance in the Hindu religion. It usually marks an auspicious occasion like weddings or festival, or the start of a new endeavor such as laying the foundation stone of house, construction of a bridge, or even the acquisition of a new car. It is a happy ritua

Pathfinder-1 is Ready to Launch!

Pathfinder-1 Mission Blog #3 Question: What do you call a high resolution telescopic camera that is sitting on top of 241 Metric Tons (532,000 lbs) of explosives? Answer: Pathfinder-1! Pathfinder-1 is now fueled, integrated to the separation system, and sitting 120 feet above the ground on top of the Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).  Pathfinder-1 is ready for launch! The Pathfinder team finished processing and integration tasks

Pathfinder Arrives in India!

Follow along on our Mission Blog as Pathfinder-1 makes its way to orbit.  Pathfinder-1 Mission Blog #2, by Jeff Roberts, Senior Mission Manager I am pleased to report that Pathfinder-1 has passed all checkout tests, and is ready to proceed to fueling and integration on the Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) later this week! This milestone reflects the hard work in designing, building, and testing the Pathfinder spacecraft. So congratulations

Pathfinder Begins its Journey!

Pathfinder-1 Mission Blog #1, by Jeff Roberts, Senior Mission Manager Pathfinder is off! It's packed up and headed to India. Here, we'd like to share a few details on how we pack for transport and some of the precautions and things we do to keep everything perfect while in transit. Looking around Spaceflight Industries this week, employees notice that our main “show-and-tell” exhibit is missing: the Pathfinder-1 spacecraft is gone! After many yea