Spaceflight Industries and ISIS Partner to Offer SENTRY NanoSat Bus to International Customers

Spaceflight Industries (Spaceflight) and ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space BV (ISIS) announced today that they have teamed to offer the SENTRY Nanospacecraft platform to international customers.   Spaceflight has developed the SENTRY NanoSat platform for spacecraft that range from a 3U CubeSat up to a 40 kg NanoSat.  In addition, Spaceflight and ISIS are both developers of CubeSat and NanoSat subsystems, including the Spaceflight 100

Spaceflight Industries Expands 100 Series Avionics for NanoSat and Suborbital Applications

Spaceflight Industries today announced the formal launch of several new products in its 100 Series avionics suite, which is targeted for CubeSats, NanoSats and the emerging suborbital market.Spaceflight Industries (Spaceflight) has been developing an integrated suite of CubeSat form factor cards that conform to the 10x10 cm cross section of a CubeSat standard.  This avionics suite features a high performance flight computer, subsystem controller, comm